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Welcome to McNair School of Excellence

At the McNair School of Excellence, we are committed to providing all students access to a high quality education that embraces and enhances intercultural understanding and respect. By establishing an inclusive McNair School community, we will build trust, provide support, and promote life-long learning and success for all students, families, and staff. We believe that every child, every day will exemplify: Scholarship, Leadership and Stewardship!

Pre K-8

McNair School of Excellence

4820 W. Walton St.
Chicago, IL 60651

Enrollment: 417
A CPS Neighborhood School

Upcoming Events

Chicago’s Early Childhood Universal Enrollment Online System

​The city is taking the first step towards achieving this vision by developing a new online universal application system to improve access to preschool programming available under the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) and the Department of Family and Suppoert Services (DFSS) for parents citywide. This will take place in a multi-year roll out, ensuring that we are meeting the needs of schools and families. The application and other resources will be available at

  • Beginning May 16th-June 10th families will be able to submit applications online for enrollment for Fall 2016.
  • After June 10th, families who applied May 16- June 10 will receive notification of their preliminary placement results and next steps for document verification.
  • After June 13th, the interactive application system will be available citywide.
  • Families will continue to be able to apply online or with assistance.
  • Families who have applied withh be required to visit a centralized document verification site or visit the community based program for which they would like to enroll, to complete thier enrollment access.
  • Finally, staff members in school based  will be able to access the lists of students who have been placed at their site to assist them with preparing for school.


3rd Annual McNair Community Walk

We are encouraging all staff members, students and the community to join McNair School of Excellence for our 3rd annual community walk. It will be taking place on Monday, August 29th, 2016 from 1-3pm.

3rd Annual Back to School BBQ

​Come join McNair School of Excellence for our 3rd annual back to school bbq. There will be food, fun and giveaways provided. It will be taking place Thursday, September 1st, 2016 from 12:45-3pm. Hope to see you there!

Latest News

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The McNair Experience

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